Seattle Sounds Even Better Now
Transforming the Singapore Airlines A350 into a musical instrument

To celebrate Singapore Airlines’ inaugural non-stop flights between Singapore and Seattle, we invited Seattle-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Chong the Nomad to transform the Airbus A350 into a musical instrument and compose this one-of-a-kind music track.


Spotify Artwork

Spotify Artwork

Chong explored the Airbus A350 from the cockpit to the tail and from the wheels to the engines, creating a library of sounds to compose her track. In total she recorded over 45 different sounds. Many are recognisable to passengers – including the roar of the engine, clink clinks from silverware, the click of a seatbelt, the ding of the flight attendant button and even the familiar welcoming voice of the Singapore Girl. Other, less accessible sounds – including taps on the tyres of the Airbus A350’s nose-wheel, or the whirrs and ratchets of cockpit controls – are embedded in the mix as beats and bass. 

Agency: TBWA\Singapore
Creative Director: Greg Wood

Creatives: Mark Peeters, Robert Nelk
Artist: Chong the Nomad
Director: Brian Oh 

NYF AMEAwards: 
Bronze - Best Use of Discipline
Bronze - Best Use of Medium
Bronze - Products & Services