Project Schoolkrant
The launch of a digital platform for children to make their own school newspaper.

AD is Holland’s second biggest newspaper. But not for long, if we can help it. Its objective journalism helping readers to ‘read’ the news plus its various tests on hospitals, schools and restaurants truly make AD readers stronger.

But how can we impact the AD readers of the future? Kids who understand less and less about the value and importance of reading a newspaper. How can we teach kids the power of objective journalism in an era where the freedom of speech is under attack?

We revived a fading Dutch tradition: the school newspaper. Project Schoolkrant is a formidable interactive platform with tools to teach young kids about the power of journalism.


Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
Creative Director: Michael Jansen

Creatives: Robert Nelk, Mark Peeters
Director: Allard van der Werff

Digital Platform Credits:
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
Creative Director: Bas Korsten

Creatives: Dalischa de Kok, Marijn van der Meer
Production: Superhero Cheesecake
Illustration: Patswerk

ADCN - Design - Digital Products & Services - Bronze
SpinAward - Design - Silver

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